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How To Display Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

How To Display Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

Showing authorship/ownership of a blog  in google search results is one of the popular and featured tactic for getting popularity in web and our favorite Blogosphere, it even helps to stand unique and catch viewers eyes among various other search results which have not been configured to show their authorship in google search results as google search results is just a chock full of texts. It also provides the users to get connected with your Google plus account. This even helps in increasing your Google CTRs as you stand unique in a group of results. So let me help you in implementing this feature for your blogger blog. After implementing this feature, your authorship will be displayed as my authorship is displayed in google search results as shown below.

How To Display Author Profile Picture In Google Search Results

Blogger Customization

1. Create an About Me page on your blog if you have not yet created it, then add a link for About Me page on the bottom or top of your blog With  rel=author  tag

(you can even add this tag for google plus profile link present in any of your blog widget)

<a href=About me page url rel=author>About Me</a>

2. Go To your About me page and add your Google plus Profile link with rel=me tag to the very first phrase like this

Hint:- In This above image, the first phrase Vijay is in background Linked like this

<a href=My Google Plus profile Link rel=me>Jameela</a>

Google Plus Profile Customization

2. Go to your Google+ account and click on Edit profile option on the top right.

In the Contributor To option, add custom url to your about me page with some label and save it.
Add your blog url in both Contributor To and Recommended Link options.
Finally Save Your Changes.

3. Now go to Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool.

4. Enter your blog url and click on preview button.

Agen Sbobet – You will notice Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page and that shows you have successfully implemented this feature for your blog.