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Why Your Blog Makes No Money

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Why Your Blog Makes No Money

This is one of the most curious question that every newbie bloggers are asking about. I roamed many forums and noticed huge number of bloggers asking why their blog not bringing money for them?. Why their new blog doesnt getting approved in ad networks like Google Adsense, Buysellads, Etc. Now a days huge number of students and youths are starting to blog just in the hope of getting some revenue from their blog and some even trying to make a living through blogging. Thats not a bad purpose but, dreaming of making huge money without putting any effort or perfect dedication is like trying to catch an shark in a big ocean without using any weapons!!.

Why your Blog getting no Money??

Your blog getting no money for you because you wont have much patience or you have not adopted blogging as a passion but just want to make revenue from it or you are not interested in writing a effective post and just want to fill your blog with a bulk of texts which are just waste of time for your blog visitors to read.

Blogging have became a living for many number of bloggers as you have noticed but the newbie bloggers who are rushing to earn revenue from their new blog in just a few months of creation and that too not having a proper valuable content on their blog are getting out of blogging platform with a big disappointed. I am writing this post to intimate those bloggers that, never give up and there is really an background revenue platform in the world of blogging and just hope for it. Never blog for money. Plan a perfect topic for blogging in which you are very well genius and adopt yourself into the passion of blogging and write regular posts and bring some worth to your blog.

Never rush into ad networks soon and get rejected again and again. I noticed many bloggers blogging for just getting revenue from Google Adsense and without having any passion of blogging. Google adsense is definitely the top revenue sharing network as you all are interested with it. But there are even better alternatives to Google Adsense to earn from. If you adopt blogging as a serious passion and put your efforts for few months, then it is sure that you will definitely earn a decent income from your blog soon after few months of blogging and the income of your blog gradually increases with time and with your efforts on regular posting.

When we think about a valuable post, posting a bulk of text daily which are out of your blog topic never brings you success and always post a perfect concept which is very well related to the topic of your blog and create your blog as an big reference for a particular topic which your blog is all about.If you still want to just make money without adopting blogging as your passion, then its just waste of time and you should better quit blogging platform as your dreams of making revenue from blogging never fulfills as you are not ready to put effort over it or wont have such a patience in you.

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