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Earn More Money with Google Affiliate Ads with Blogger

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Earn More Money with Google Affiliate Ads with Blogger

Google have covered almost all the resources and services that a web designer expect and a webmaster require to earn some revenue. Googles blogger succeeded in bringing bloggers a very easiest web designing experience, Google Adsense was proved the highest revenue sharing ad publishing network over the web and these two have became the two eyes of each webmasters / Bloggers in adopting a easiest web designing strategy and earning a decent revenue online via blogging. Finally the only service of Google that every webmasters and bloggers was waiting for is the Affiliate marketing by Google to earn some more revenue from Google through their Blogger blog.

Google have finally succeeded in introducing an affiliate marketing service for Blogger users to earn more revenue through their blog. Google says,We believe your recommendation is valuable and want you to benefit from it. So its time for blogger users to try this brand new service by Google to increase your blog revenue efficiently.

Google Affiliate Ads Overview

What is Affiliate Marketing Really Mean??

Affiliate Marketing is an pretty simple task for one who have big audience, followers and a good network through his blog. In simple words, Affiliate marketing refers to promoting a product. Simple illustration on how Affiliate marketing works i buy a certain product and i recommend it to you, you buy it  through my referral link and i will get paid a small amount as commission by the products company. Like this, if you refer more peoples, your income goes high as your referrals goes high.

Agen Bola – There are already few most popular affiliate marketing networks on web such as buysellads, Clickbank, amazon,Etc.

Implementing Google Affiliate Ads

Google Affiliate Ads providing users a way in which bloggers can add this new feature in form of an widget on their blogger blogs. This ads may be a text link, image or a full page banner. Google Affiliate Ads works on pay-per-action basis and you will earn more as per the number of referrals you make under your network.

Requirements To Participate

To participate in this brand new service of Google, you must have an Google Adsense approved. Since this is a brand new service, the number of ad categories is limited and your blog should match with an available category. One more main thing is, at present this service is limited to US users only and not available to others yet. Google is going to expand these categories and provide this opportunity to everyone soon as it is in its initial stage now.

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