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How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization may look bit confusing and complicated to the newbie bloggers who have just stepped into the world of blogging. I can represent this situation clearly as a man standing beside a pond and wondering how depth it may be!!, without diving into the pond. Suppose if you wont dare to dive into the pond, you will surely have to search some equipment to check the ponds depth right?!!. In the same way, Search Engine Optimization is no more complicated once after you understand the strategies behind it.

To write SEO friendly blog posts, you will have to use some equipments. Are you wondering which equipment could you choose!!?, yeah you are right. Just take a note pad on your hand and start noting the important equipments to write a SEO friendly blog posts and start booming on search engines. Hope you got the point right!!. OK then let us discuss about the equipments required.

SEO Friendly Blog Posts Important ingredients

1. Keyword Research

The first thing you must find is, the booming keyword but not any magical boom. Keyword in manner, the word/phrase the internet users all over the globe searching for!. I can understand that you are wondering about How to search for a booming keyword??. Dont get in dilemma, there are many keyword researching tools out there on web, but i always prefer Google products. So just go through the Google Adwords Keyword research tool and start inputting few popular keywords related to your post concept and click on search button.

Domino QQ – The time to be smart comes now!. In the above example i have searched for the keyword blogger, have a glance over the alternative keywords too like blogspot. Are you getting confused about which is the best keyword to choose!?. SEO optimization doesnt involve any confusions, newbie bloggers just get confused themselves. It is very clear in the above result chart that you must target on the keyword that has more traffic[searches] but low competition. That makes you to stand high for that keyword search on Google. So in this case, i would choose blogspot rather than blogger to write a SEO friendly blog post.

2. Keyword density matters!!

Keyword stuffing is highly discouraged by the new algorithm of Google i.e., Google Penguin algorithm. The penguin of Google is going to smash you if you are keyword stuffing on your blog posts. Keyword stuffing means nothing but repeating your keyword so many times just keeping search engines in mind. Here is the keyword stuffed example post for you..

blogspot going to take the lead in blogosphere but content copiers have grown wide in blogspot. blogspot team must take some action on this copying blogspot blogs and ban this blogspot users forever and so on. bla bla bla. . . ..

How was the keyword stuffing huh?!, I would be lucky to have the position atleast in last page of Google for blogspot keyword here. So whats the correct manner of using keyword!!?. Well you must always keep your targeted keyword density to 2-3% of the word count of the complete blog post. It means, suppose you have wrote a post of 600 words, then your targeted keyword must be repeated around 12-18 times to be smart in keyword ranking. So its time to dive in to the next SEO friendly weapon now.

3. Post word count

Word count is one of the important factor considered by Google after the Penguin update. You must always make sure to maintain the word count of your blog posts to be atleast 500 words to be infavor of search engines. If you have existing posts with very less words count, then removing it will surely help you in maintaining the quality of your blog.

4. Heading tags structure and Keyword usage in it

Using heading tags like h1,h3,h4 on your blog post perfectly and orderly can really help search bots to crawl your blog post clearly and obtain the perfect concept of your post. Keyword usage on your header tags matters a lot. Make sure to include your targeted keyword in h1 and h3 tags. But using the keyword in all the header tags like h1,h3,h4,h4 is discouraged.

5. Targeted image

A prefect image with alt tag for your blog post really helps your blog post to attain more quality and it evens takes most of the part in attracting your blog visitors to read the blog post. Make sure to represent the post concept in your image itself and add the targeted keyword as alt tag to your post image.

6. Post title and Permalink must include Keyword

Post title is the king of your blog post and you must always structure your blog post title smartly and SEO friendly. Make sure to include the targeted keyword in your blog post title. Permalink feature is available in all the blogging platforms today. Even blogger introduced permalink option last month. Include your targeted keyword smartly inside the post permalink to make your blog post a perfect SEO friendly blog post.

7. Keyword usage in Meta description and Meta keyword

As stated in the title, use your targeted keyword in both meta description and keyword tag of your blog post. However Blogger allows you to input meta description for individual posts but adding meta keywords to blog posts is still not allowed in blogger. In this type of keyword usage strategies, use your keyword only once and dont just repeat your keyword 2-3 times in meta description tag or permalink, post title, etc. Judi Poker

I here by believe that you understood the depth of Search Engine Optimization using these 7 equipments . Just dont include content copying as the 8Th equipment in your blogging  journey and it will override all these 7. Just dive in now without fear and drive your blog post to the first page of Google like a pro. Time to grab your position now!!. Till that stay updated with my blog and subscribe below to receive further updates directly into your inbox. Kindly show your support by liking / tweeting / +1 this post.

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How To Tweak/Recycle Old Blog Posts For Better SEO

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How To Tweak/Recycle Old Blog Posts For Better SEO

I have said in my previous post on survival from Google panda that a newbie blogger starts his/her blogging journey in first stage of blogging and starts learning new things thus stepping to next level of blogging. They even learns to survive among various bloggers and write search engine friendly blog posts, but the very big mistake they perform when stepped to second stage of blogging is, they just neglect their older blog posts written while being a newbie which are out of taste, randomly written, not at all a seo friendly blog post nor a keyword targeted blog post. Tweaking the older blog posts of your blog highly boosts your blogs seo and adds value to them and thus to your blog. In this post I will be teaching you on how to tweak / recycle your older blog posts for better seo.

According to Google Panda algorithm, few number of low quality blog posts on your blog will affect your entire blog ranking as Google panda is a domain level penalty. You really have to spend few days or a week to recycle your older blog posts and remove some of them if it is found worthless reading. Suppose if your blog contains large number of blog posts then it makes a big deal where as if your blog consists of around 100-200 blog posts, you can surely tweak them for better seo results spending a week working on them. So what does the tweaking of older blog posts really involve??. Here is the certain conditions to be followed while tweaking them.

Tweak / Recycle your Old Blog Posts for Better SEO

Keyword Research

Each and every blog posts can be targeted to some keywords. Use some best keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword tool and input few popular keywords related to your blog post and choose the best one out of alternate keywords. You can get better idea about keyword researching by reading my blog post on how to write search engine friendly blog posts.

SEO friendly Post Title

Its the post title that takes the first priority out of your blog post both in terms of users and search engines. Remove silly post titles and write a post title targeting the keyword you researched and your post title should be within 70 characters limit. Give your best time in writing a perfect blog post title and try to write post titles in how to form ending with a ? (question mark) or a top 10 list that attracts the viewers highly thus generating more CTR.

Post Meta Description

Blogger introduced search preferences option in the month of march 2012 and helped us to gain more control over our blogs SEO. Now you can write meta description for each of your individual blog posts easily and meta description is the second important factor that could grab the viewers attention in search engines. Give your best shot here and write a curious, attractive meta description for your blog posts and keep your meta description within 160 characters agen bola.

Post Image optimization

As you all know the blog post images are the third factor that is given more importance by a blog reader, Include a perfect and targeted image on each of your blog posts. Dont just grab the copyrighted images from Google search and always use your own images or use images of Flickr giving a image credit to the image owner. You can go through the creative commons license path in Flickr and search for images under suitable license thus saving your time. Dont ever forget to add your targeted keyword as the alt tag to your blog post images.

Post Words count

Dont blame me for mentioning this in many blog posts:), your post word count is an important seo factor considered by search engines and Google panda or certain algorithms. Its quite true that the blog posts with more words count grabs the highest place on search engines. Writing a blog post of atleast 600 words count is a best practice and writing a blog post of 1000 words count is the perfect practice. A lengthy blog post will also helps you in keeping more density of targeted keyword.

Keyword Density

Keep the targeted keyword density to 2%-3% of the complete words count of your blog post. Less keyword density is not a good practice and more keyword density is considered spammy by search engines. For a better idea about this, suppose if you write a blog post of about 1000 words count, keep your targeted keyword count to 2%-3% of it i.e., around 20-30 counts. It doesnt mean that you use 20 repeated keywords count in a single paragraph!, your targeted keyword density must be throughout your blog post and must not be used inside 1-2 paragraphs.

Internal Linking, External linking and Broken Link check

Internal linking is the best seo practice in effectively passing the pagerank juice all over your blog. Always internal link your blog posts by linking the keywords in the blog post to certain related posts on your blog. Never tag your internal links as nofollow. Its a recommended practice to give dofollow external links to high authority and trusted sites. Nofollow the external links only if it is pointed to any un trusted or low authority site. If you have already inter linked your blog posts then make sure to check the links whether if they are active or dead links. Having more number of broken links on your blog also impacts on your blog ranking according to Google Panda algorithm.

Usage of Heading Tags

Always keep your blog post structure easy and a newbie must also understand the flow of points inside your blog posts. Even search engines highly expects the usage of heading tags like h1, h3, h4 inside your blog posts for better understanding of your blog post structure flow. You can however style these heading tags to make it understandable to users as I have styled the heading tags of my blog posts.

Assigning Labels

Labels of your blog posts are not just a labels farm to assign silly labels / individual labels for each of your blog posts thus keeping 20-30 labels on your blog. Labels play an very important role in reducing the bounce rate of your blog where as high bounce rate is one of the factor to get affected by Google Panda algo. Do you know how it reduce bounce rate??. Today each and every bloggers use some sort of related / recommended posts widget on their blog and these widgets fetches related results depending on the label of the blog post. A blog post labeled SEO must always show SEO related blog posts to keep the visitors flowing around your blog posts for a long time sbobet. So make better usage of labels and dont neglect it.

Keep an Eye on Grammar mistakes

Hope you understood this point. Making grammar mistakes is a very silly thing and spend a minute to read your blog posts after completing each blog post. Use proper punctuation and symbols on your blog posts, avoid writing non stop English paragraphs without a comma or full stop.

A Note on Permalinks

Blogger doesnt allow you to change the permalink of a already published blog. Never try to change the permalink of the already published blog posts and that definitely increases the number of broken links on your blog.

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Protect Your Blog Content from Copying/Content Thieves

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Protect Your Blog Content from Copying/Content Thieves

Blogging is not at all a simple task when you take it more seriously. It takes lot of time, effort and patience to be a successful blogger and make your blog content worth reading to your blog visitors. But there are huge number of content thieves on web who copies your hours of hardwork and publish on their blog in seconds. Few guys are even more smart that they use automated Rss feed grabbers / auto blogging tools that publishes others Rss content on their blog without attributing original author. Plagiarism have grown very vast on blogosphere today and it have been considered one of the negative factor according to Google Panda algorithm.

What if someone have copied your blog content and stands first than you in Google search for a certain keyword search!!?. Isnt it A** burning?. So today I am going to teach my blog readers on how to deal with these kind of content thieves and make them to dare copying your blog content. There are certainly few important logics you must follow to secure your blog content from content thieves and I am going to list it out here.

Protect your Blog content from Copying/Content thieves

Protecting your blog content doesnt involve a method that could slap the content thieves when they try to copy your blog content. All it matters is protecting your blog content using a license on your blog. There are few license to choose from on blogosphere like Creative Commons ( One of the free and most preferred one by millions of web users), DMCA, etc. I could suggest you to dont worry about any license rather than the Creative Commons license that helps you in choosing certain type of your preferred copyright.

Judi Togel – One thing i wish to say here is, a blog without a license cannot fight for its content and cannot take any action. So the first step you must involve after choosing to blog seriously is protecting your blog content with a license. Well DMCA allows you to get a free license for your blog but you can launch take downs by them only if you are a premium member and only 1-2 free take downs are allowed for free members. Launching a take down in manner taking the action on a blog which have copied your blog content and getting the copied content out of it. So we will better move with the creative commons license and understand various(6) types of license you can choose from.

Creative Commons Licenses

Attribution : CC BY

Anyone is allowed to tweak, build upon the work for commercial purpose. But a credit must be provided for original creator.

Attribution NoDerivs : CC BY-ND

Anyone is allowed to distribute the work unchanged and in whole for both commercial and non commercial purposes providing a credit to the creator.

Attribution  Share Alike : CC BY-SA

Anyone is allowed to distribute your work or build upon your work providing a credit to the creator. Any new work created using this work will carry same license and will be available for commercial use.

Attribution  Noncommercial : CC BY-NC

Anyone is allowed to distribute or build upon the work for non commercial purposes only and a credit must be provided to the creator. Any new work build upon this will carry same license and it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Attribution  Non Commercial  Share Alike: CC BY-NC-SA

Anyone is allowed to distribute or build upon the work for non commercial reasons only, providing a credit to the creator.

Attribution  Non Commercial  NoDerivs : CC BY-NC-CD

Anyone is allowed to distribute the original work without modifications on the work. Must be distributed for non commercial reasons only and a credit must be given to the creator.

Choose a license that best suits your blog and your necessity. After registering a license for your blog, place the creative commons license on your blog.

Protecting Blog images

Protecting your blog images doesnt make a big deal. Add watermark to all your blog images and your blog images also involve with the license you have chosen so you can file a copyright violation notice when someone copies your blog images originally created by you.

Disable Right click on your Blogger blog

You can disable the right click feature on your blog by placing a JavaScript code on your template html. You can Google it for the tutorial or wait for few days as I am going to post the tutorial in coming days as soon as time allows. Well this is not so necessary one agen bola online.

Keep Eye on Rss Feeds

  • Few of the smart content thieves use auto blogging tools to copy Rss feeds and automatically post it on their blog after the next second of publishing a new blog post on your blog. To deal with these kind of content thieves and protect your blog content,
  • go to blogger dashboard > settings > Other > set Allow blog feed option to Until jump break or short. This displays only short excerpt of your blog post on your Rss feeds thus the content thief cannot get complete blog post using any auto blogging tools.
  • Secondly in Other settings > Click on Rss feed footer option and write some text excerpt like Brought to you by yourblogurl, etc.,.
  • If you still want to deal smartly, then go to and register for an account with your blog Url. Customize attribution link, Facebook profile link, etc and get the code. Place the code on your template as per the instructions given and if someone copies your blog posts using some sort of auto blogging tools, your customized links will automatically starts appearing below the blog post he/she have copied. This tool is not at all suitable for blogs like my blog which consists of Html codes to be copied.

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How To Get Out Of Google Sandbox

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How To Get Out Of Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is an concept of Google. This concept was implemented by Google to ensure that the newly born spam sites / worthless sites should not grow or rank high in Google SERPS. Google sandbox puts the newly born sites/blogs into its sandbox and these newly born blogs cannot rank high in Google SERPS till its proved that it is worth of content and prove to be trust worthy. The blogs out of sandbox will get indexed faster than the blogs staying in Google sandbox. Google keeps the newly born blogs in its sandbox for at-most 6 months. However its not possible to fight to rank for a competitive keyword till your blog gets out of Google sandbox. So if you want your blog to rank in Google SERPS then be sure to prove to Google that your site is worth of content and its not just a sand box with worthless contents.

How To Get Out of Google Sandbox

Dont Fight For A Competitive Keyword Being In Google Sandbox

Since you are in Google sandbox, its however not possible to shine high for a more competitive keyword in Google  So target on the less competitive keyword and gain exposure in Google SERPS and this makes easy to get out of Google Sandbox soon.

Buy Expired Domains

Buying an expired domain which has been one established with good trust, traffic, value, Etc. . is one of the best solution for preventing the Google sandbox effect, since google will less likely put your domain in sandbox since its not a new one.

Build Good Quality Backlinks

Writing guest posts for a high ranked blogs and Getting backlinks from a high ranked and trustworthy blog will definitely help you in getting your blog out of Google sandbox soon.

Publish Several Posts A Day

As the blogging history says that Content Is The King Of  SEO, prove yourself worthy by publishing several good posts a day and a good content blog can surely create a miracle in blogosphere. Proving your blog to be worth is one of the major thing that Google expects in order to get your blog out of sandbox and rank it high agen sbobet terpercaya.

These 4 Simple Steps Are Nothing Difficult For Real Bloggers.

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How To Display Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

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How To Display Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

Showing authorship/ownership of a blog  in google search results is one of the popular and featured tactic for getting popularity in web and our favorite Blogosphere, it even helps to stand unique and catch viewers eyes among various other search results which have not been configured to show their authorship in google search results as google search results is just a chock full of texts. It also provides the users to get connected with your Google plus account. This even helps in increasing your Google CTRs as you stand unique in a group of results. So let me help you in implementing this feature for your blogger blog. After implementing this feature, your authorship will be displayed as my authorship is displayed in google search results as shown below.

How To Display Author Profile Picture In Google Search Results

Blogger Customization

1. Create an About Me page on your blog if you have not yet created it, then add a link for About Me page on the bottom or top of your blog With  rel=author  tag

(you can even add this tag for google plus profile link present in any of your blog widget)

<a href=About me page url rel=author>About Me</a>

2. Go To your About me page and add your Google plus Profile link with rel=me tag to the very first phrase like this

Hint:- In This above image, the first phrase Vijay is in background Linked like this

<a href=My Google Plus profile Link rel=me>Jameela</a>

Google Plus Profile Customization

2. Go to your Google+ account and click on Edit profile option on the top right.

In the Contributor To option, add custom url to your about me page with some label and save it.
Add your blog url in both Contributor To and Recommended Link options.
Finally Save Your Changes.

3. Now go to Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool.

4. Enter your blog url and click on preview button.

Agen Sbobet – You will notice Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page and that shows you have successfully implemented this feature for your blog.

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What is Paypal? How To Verify Account

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What is Paypal? How To Verify Account

Paypal can said to be an online bank for making online money transactions safe and secure. Paypal is the widely used online bank all over the globe today. They ensures the highest security among any other online banking systems and have became one of the most necessary resource for all the business leads to make secure transactions online. Using the Paypal account is so simple that you dont need to go to any of its branch office and register your account there waiting in a long queue. Paypal provides you with a simple and free registration online by going into and all you need to start using an Paypal account is a bank account(mandatory), a credit card, PAN card in some regions. You can even use Paypal as an merchant service for very low commission for selling products on your site or blog. They ensure the highest security for any transactions you make with online people.

Paypal Service

Using Paypal is so easy that you can send or receive money online via Paypal account and your online money can be easily transferred to your bank account once after your bank account is verified. They also provide you to shop online via your account balance but you must be a credit card verified user to do so. They have became the most favorable merchant service for most of the business mens and webmasters. They even charge you a very less commission as 2.9% to 3.9% for receiving money into your Paypal account and they even provide you the service of exchanging the currencies for a very less commission basis before transferring money to your local bank account so that you can easily get any type of currency converted to your country currency with regards to the present day currency rates. You can see the Fees structure they charge for making transactions HERE. Paypal transfers your account balance to your bank account for free of charge in India where as you can get to know the commission basis for receiving money to bank accounts of other countries HERE.

Paypal even provides you lot of many other services like subscribe, donate, etc. You can even get a demo about the donate button at the bottom of this blog. Subscribe option allows users to subscribe some fixed money for your site or any other business matters and Paypal fetches the subscribed money from their account monthly/yearly as they have described during subscription and transfers it to your account till the last date he have set, thus making the ease of transaction without asking a person to transfer money every month. Paypal even provides you with a way through which users can use their credit cards, debit cards, all types of cards and even online banking account to purchase a product on your site or pay for any other money related aspects and the transaction details will be always sent to your email Id which you have used during the registration.

Paypal supports all the 24 types of currencies worldwide. By providing lots of secure features to users, they have successfully gathered 230 million user accounts worldwide. To say in single sentence, Paypal is the ultimate portal for each and every web users for making any kind of money transactions online legally. However Paypal holds the right to take action on any person worldwide for any illegal activities performed – agen bola.

How To Verify Paypal Account

You need to be a verified paypal user to receive or send money via paypal account. In other words sending money even requires you to verify your credit card too along with the bank account or a credit card alone could work. There was some requests from users of this blog to explain on basic paypal account creation, so in this post i will start with the paypal creation process to help basic bloggers and newbies.

Verify Paypal Account in just 2 steps

Creating an Paypal Account

1. Go To Paypal SignUp Form.
2. Choose your country and select a plan.

  • Personal You can only buy via your Paypal account and you cannot receive money into your account.
  • Premier You can Shop online or Receive money into your Paypal account.
  • Business Provides all kinds of transaction facilities.

Choose a plan depending upon your needs and all the plans are free to sign up. i recommend Premier plan for normal users. If you need to use merchant service for selling products on your website, then you must go for a business plan.

3.  A new window opens asking various informations about you. Fill the form with your name, postal address, mobile number, Email, etc. The only tough part you may notice is the PAN(permanent account number) number, am i right?.

PAN card can be obtained by your nearest income tax department if you are an employed person or if you are currently unemployed or still a student, then you may need to fill PAN card number field with some suitable alphanumeric value which is of 10 digits.

4. Choose agree and continue button.

5. Your account is set now. You will notice account type and your status will be unverified. Basically Verify your Email Address(mandatory) and Mobile number(optional). This completes the first step process.

Verify Paypal Account for Doing Online Transactions

6. Once after your account have crossed all the above explained steps, move the cursor to profile option and choose the Add/Edit Bank Account option.

7. Click on Add button

Carefully fill this form with your exact name on bank account passbook, bank name, account number and the only part you may get confused is the NEFT IFSC(Indian financial system code) code. IFSC code of your bank can be obtained by directly visiting your bank and asking for IFSC code or searching online at this website.

8. Then click on Continue button. 250INR will be charged from your account if your provided information is inaccurate else it will be refunded back to your account after verification of accurate information. You will not lose any money here.

9. Paypal will transfer 2 very low amounts to your bank account within a week, exactly note down the 2 deposits by paypal. Login to your paypal account, you will be asking to verify bank account in notifications window, follow it and enter the 2 initial values paypal have deposited to your bank account.

10. This verifies your bank account and you are now verified to receive money to your paypal account and withdraw your paypal balance to your bank account which takes around 5-6 days to make the withdrawn money to be visible on your bank account balance. This process is free in India where as certain charges are included for other countries and you can get to know about the fees structure they charge in my previous post.

Shopping Online Requires Credit Card Verification

11. Verifying the bank account doesnt allow you to shop online via your paypal account. You even cant add funds to your paypal account from your bank account in India where as adding funds is possible in other countries. All it asks you to do is, verify your credit card.

12. Verifying credit card is a easy process for countries other than India, but none of the Indian credit cards  are accepted by paypal. The only Indian credit card which can verify your paypal account is the international YUVA card.

23. You may be not aware of what YUVA card is and where you can get it!!. Yuva card can be obtained only by State Bank. You will need to explain the clear purpose and necessity of Yuva card for doing online transaction and then get it from the State Bank Of India. Then Yuva card can be easily verified with Paypal.

You will not need to verify both bank and credit card. Verify them depending on your requirements. Kindly let me know if you face any obstacles or issues and i would be pleased to guide you on that. Till that take care.

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Top BuySellAds Alternatives for Webmasters

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Top BuySellAds Alternatives for Webmasters

Buysellads can be said as one of the maximum revenue generator for webmasters by selling ad slots of their blog. But you know that Buysellads requires you to have a very large traffic and Alexa rank!!. Do you qualify with it??. What if your answer is NO!!. As i have said in the top 5 Google adsense alternatives, we always cant keep waiting for the best one, we must keep moving with the alternatives too when we are still not able to get accepted into the best one. Hope you got the thing. So today we will have a look over the top 5 Buysellads alternatives.

Judi Online – There are lot of buysellads alternatives on web but to list the best 5 buysellads alternatives, I have considered various factors like their commission rate, trust, productivity, etc and listing the top 5 buysellads alternatives here.

Top 5 BuySellAds Alternatives

1. AdvertiseSpace

I am listing Advertise Space as the top 1 alternative because I have myself used it in past and it is totally official and awesome when compared to any others. They provide good looking ad slots for your blog that could grab the users eye to advertise on your blog. This is the official one out there on web.

2. Puxee

Do you feel quite different about its name??. yes, it is a quite different and quite new one. Their commission for one ad slot is about 25% of the payment. They are also good in exposing your social stats on advertise page like BSA. There are more chances of catching the advertisers eye in this network.

3. BlogAds

BlogAds is another best alternative to BSA. They are well named because they give you a complete control over your ad slot as shown below.

4. Adsella

Adsella serves to be the best one with respect to its commission. They charge you only 20% of your income for selling ads through their network. Adsella have a very quick process in all the aspects.

5. OIOPublisher

OIOPusblisher is quite a new heard one to me. But it seems to be a best alternative to Buysellads. They even provide a very easy installation process for WordPress users in manner of Plugin installation.

Make your choice and move on till you reach the best one. Just waiting for the best one doesnt get you anything!!.

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Google Adsense | Online Money

Top 5 High paying Google Adsense Alternatives

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Top 5 High paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Google adsense may be the best publisher network on web that pay highest CTR rates. But the time comes when you just fail in getting adsense approved or get banned from them due to some reasons, even the tricky ways of getting Google Adsense might not work for you. Even after following their every policies, you might get rejected. At such a moment you will really have to find some best Google Adsense alternatives to make some pocket money or pay for your hosting server or any blog feeds till you get approval from Adsense team.

We cannot always go for the best option available, sometimes we may need to adjust with the secondary options too. So today i am going to give you the list of top 5 best Google adsense alternatives which may not pay you as much as adsense pays, but can get you some decent revenue.

These advertising networks are proved to be the genuine and best advertising networks by considering users review on forums and Google results.

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Adbrite

Adbrite is one of the best contextual advertising network after the Google Adsense. The ads of adbrite look exact like the adsense ads and they are also good at displaying page relevant ads like Adsense. Adbrite offers all types of advertising options like rich media, text ads, inline ads, etc. Their click through rates are also high.

2. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best inline advertising network available on the web today. Inline in manner, display ads for mouse hover on certain keywords. Infolinks gets you nothing if you have a low traffic, your Infolinks income might raise high and high as your traffic goes high n high. Only choose this option if you have a very good traffic or else it doesnt work for you. Infolinks offers you the minimum payout of $50 to your paypal or $400 to your bankwire.

3. Chitika

After the above two ad networks, Chitika takes the next place. They are good at paying but the only thing i faced is they usually wont display much accurate/relevant ads in the page the visitor is at. Otherwise they would be the best option after the Adsense and hope they are trying to increase their ads relevancy now. The minimum paypal payout rate is $10 and minimum check payout is $50.

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is the old and genuine ads publishing network. At Bidvertiser, the advertisers make a bid with one other for a particular ad slot on your blog and the one with highest bid occupies the ad slot and you will get your CTR [Click through rate] rates. The minimum payout rate here is $10.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is another best contextual advertising network. They even provides you with inline, rich media ad formats to choose from. They offer a minimum payout of $50 for both paypal and check – Judi Bola.

Which one You prefer most in these adsense alternatives?

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How To Get Genuine Google Adsense Approval

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How To Get Genuine Google Adsense Approval

Google adsense is the top and favorite ads publishing network to all bloggers and advertisers today, but however getting accepted into the Google adsense program is the most difficult task to bloggers even though it is most favorable to them :). This have even became a big challenge to all the newbies to make some decent revenue from their blog. But the thing is every newbies just rush to apply for Google adsense in the mind of earning revenue and they never bother about adsense policies to get accepted into the program. Huge number of newbie bloggers just quit blogging thinking that it is just impossible to get accepted by Google adsense team and these bloggers are nothing but the newbies who stepped into blogging platform just to earn money with Google adsense. The only result they got is Failure.

Poker Online – Several shortcut workers arised on blogosphere to tackle these newbies by stating that they can get approved Google adsense account for money!!. Many bloggers have even tried those shortcuts and their happiness gone away once after the adsense team noticed their fake account. Are you one of the blogger who rushed to blog for money??, Are you one of the blogger who got your purchased Google adsense account banned??, Are you one of the serious blogger who struggling hard honestly to get accepted into adsense program??. Dont worry, this post is dedicated to all three of you. Understanding this post can definitely get you accepted into the program but the strategy you should adopt is, for whatever purpose you may be blogging, never blog for money and blogging can never get you good results until you pass the ingredients like dedication, concentration on niche, regular blogging, etc to your blog. So let us study the exact criterias to be fulfilled in order to get into the Google adsense program.

Google Adsense approval case study

#1. Duplicate Content:

Copying the content from others can never get you good results, it just ruins your blog forever. Always write your own posts by studying various references or writing your own experience. Copying the content from others can even get you into trouble under copyright act. is the best site to check for duplicate copies.

#2. 6 Months Policy:

There are lot of opinions about this policy on all over the web but what i experienced myself is, your blog must be at-least 6 months old before getting considered by adsense team and this policy is more applicable to the peoples in India and China.

#3. Custom Domain:

Having a custom domain( really helps you in getting your blog popular among peoples as well as fulfilling the basic requirements in almost all the money earning programs like adsense. But however Google adsense accepts the blogspot domain too but the process is more difficult than getting your custom domain approved. Always try to purchase domain for more years to ensure you are a serious blogger.

#4. Copyright Images:

Are you just googling for images and using them on your blog??. Never do it and just this simple factor can make you struggle in getting into the adsense program. Always use your own images by creating images by your own or pics taken by your digi cam. You will get to know about the copyright concept in my upcoming post on Understanding creative commons license.

#5. Privacy Policy:

Google adsense policy states that every blogs must have a privacy policy page. This is not a factor to be neglected. Just take 2 mins to create a privacy policy page for your blog which satisfies the Google adsense team.

#6. Clear Navigation And Decent Content:

Your site/blog navigation must be very clear and easy. There should not be any hidden tricks or login pages which collects users information. Your blog should not contain any pornography content and should have a decent number of quality posts. Your blog must not be a book full of links.

#7. Avoid Sub domains:

Dont use sub domains(Ex:: for your blog till you get accepted into the adsense program. This is also a factor considered by adsense team.

#8. Blogging About Hacks, Money::

Never blog about hacking, malware, earn online money, etc. . These are all niches that adsense team never support.

#9. Blog Full Of Ads:

Your blog must not be a basket full of ads everywhere. What i prefer is, you better remove all the ads from your blog before applying for adsense program and once after you get in, you can use some other ad programs like adbrite, infolinks.

#10. Source Of Traffic:

Your blog must get organic traffic like traffic from search engines, backlinks and various other legal resources. But your blog must not depend on traffic from surfing websites, link placement in software downloads, traffic from illegal ways, etc.

#11. Personal Information:

Finally provide your original information in the adsense application during submission.

If you are sure that you satisfy all these policies, then no one can avoid you from getting into their program. Make sure you satisfy all these policies before applying for adsense first time and if you just keep on applying , there are better chances that your application will get neglected by them.
Following these policies not only gets you accepted into adsense program but it also helps you in getting a good pagerank for your blog. Adopt these policies to be a successful blogger while generating a decent income every month.

Finally i know that you are wondering about why this blog still not having adsense??. Answer to your question is very simple that even though i satisfy all the policies of adsense, being an Indian my blog is still not 6 months old and this is the reason why i am still not applying for adsense and waiting for the time to roll.

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Online Money

Earn More Money with Google Affiliate Ads with Blogger

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Earn More Money with Google Affiliate Ads with Blogger

Google have covered almost all the resources and services that a web designer expect and a webmaster require to earn some revenue. Googles blogger succeeded in bringing bloggers a very easiest web designing experience, Google Adsense was proved the highest revenue sharing ad publishing network over the web and these two have became the two eyes of each webmasters / Bloggers in adopting a easiest web designing strategy and earning a decent revenue online via blogging. Finally the only service of Google that every webmasters and bloggers was waiting for is the Affiliate marketing by Google to earn some more revenue from Google through their Blogger blog.

Google have finally succeeded in introducing an affiliate marketing service for Blogger users to earn more revenue through their blog. Google says,We believe your recommendation is valuable and want you to benefit from it. So its time for blogger users to try this brand new service by Google to increase your blog revenue efficiently.

Google Affiliate Ads Overview

What is Affiliate Marketing Really Mean??

Affiliate Marketing is an pretty simple task for one who have big audience, followers and a good network through his blog. In simple words, Affiliate marketing refers to promoting a product. Simple illustration on how Affiliate marketing works i buy a certain product and i recommend it to you, you buy it  through my referral link and i will get paid a small amount as commission by the products company. Like this, if you refer more peoples, your income goes high as your referrals goes high.

Agen Bola – There are already few most popular affiliate marketing networks on web such as buysellads, Clickbank, amazon,Etc.

Implementing Google Affiliate Ads

Google Affiliate Ads providing users a way in which bloggers can add this new feature in form of an widget on their blogger blogs. This ads may be a text link, image or a full page banner. Google Affiliate Ads works on pay-per-action basis and you will earn more as per the number of referrals you make under your network.

Requirements To Participate

To participate in this brand new service of Google, you must have an Google Adsense approved. Since this is a brand new service, the number of ad categories is limited and your blog should match with an available category. One more main thing is, at present this service is limited to US users only and not available to others yet. Google is going to expand these categories and provide this opportunity to everyone soon as it is in its initial stage now.

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